Executive Search

AIMS Egypt offers executive search solutions both in and out of Egypt for companies seeking to hire top talent in senior and executive roles. We provide the expertise, local knowledge and business excellence to support companies looking for first-class exective search services. We specialize in understanding the unique culture of each of our clients and strive to find the most fitting candidates that will blend effortlessly into our client's organization.  

Working with AIMS Egypt, clients will be offered a unique exective search approach supported by:

  • Global candidate reach through our network of partners in over 90 offices worldwide
  • A dedicated team of multicultural executive search consultants committed to the highest standards throughout the whole search process
  • Globally-trained and multilingual researchers and consultants who work vigourously as a team to combine all the necessary steps required for success.
  • Continuous detailed status reporting throughout all phases of the executive search process; research, evaluation and presentation.


Our recruitment and executive search activities are based on partnering with our clients in reaching the optimum outcome.  That means acquiring an in-depth understanding of the role and the market, conducting an extensive search including in-depth interviews, submission of initial and final short list, and providing follow up with all parties until successful completion of the assignment.

Any assignment has its own demands and criteria and we treat each assignment with individual attention to match those demands and criteria as closely as we can.

In order to achieve the above we have an extensive and updated database of candidates (80,000+ candidates from Egypt), as well as using targeted head hunting activities, networking, recommendations and referrals, and media advertising to maximize our chances for successful outcomes.

We also pride ourselves on our consultative role in the whole process:  we are there to advise on cultural and educational issues, market conditions, remuneration levels, and salary negotiations on behalf of both parties.

The ethical and partnering approach to our work gives us an edge over market competition and has earned us such accolades as “professional, honest, perseverant, discreet and excellent follow up”.

Assessment Centre

Candidate Assessment

Whether you are looking for the assessment of individual external candidates for the purpose of selection, or the assessment of company internal employees to assess high potentials, we can help.

Our company works closely with SHL Certified Consultants, who offer behaviour-based assessment.  This includes execution of a behaviour observation assessment and a  follow-up evaluation with a Senior Assessor.   We also conduct  SHL ability tests (verbal and numerical).  Further to the assessments, our Consultants will debrief the HR and Line Managers on assessment results. 

Among the competencies that will be assessed are:

  • Service Mentality
  • Quality Orientation/Attention to detail
  • Problem Solving
  • Planning and organization
Our consultants will provide SHL Reports and one day coaching session with HR and Line Managers to advise the best methods for understanding the results.

Payroll Outsourcing

Outsourcing payroll activities to a specialized firm presents a lot of advantages for companies, whether they are SMEs or big corporations. Our team of experts work very closely with our clients in order to understand their needs and requirements, and therefore offer the best service. Our clients see us as a real business partner, and highly appreciate the level of dedication, accuracy and flexibility of our outsourcing team.

We offer a complete hassle free solution, and the main benefits you will enjoy are: cost reduction, time saving, advice on regulations, flexibility and accuracy. 

Included in the services we offer:

  • Writing and signing employment contracts with employees
  • Handling all social insurance matters for employees
  • Communicating and dealing with labor office for inspections
  • Dealing with tax authority and paying employees’ taxes
  • Providing medical insurance


Outplacement has become the other side of the coin of recruitment.  Our clients rely on us to take care of their downsizing activities by assisting in the re-employment of their valued out-placed employees.  Individual and group sessions are conducted simultaneously and the services we offer are:

  • Advice on training and retraining
  • Advice on market opportunities
  • Advice on interviewing techniques
  • Practical mock interviews
  • Advice on presentation skills
  • Practical CV writing and editing
  • Advice on planning a job search with target companies
  • Offering moral and practical support in the face of the psychological effects of being retrenched
  • Our service can last on average from two to three months
  • Our outplaced candidates are also entered on our database and can be considered for any suitable vacancy we may have
  • Regular progress reports are submitted to our clients, and regular contact is maintained with our outplaced candidates